Blog: Search Techniques Exercise 1

Previously Before This Class…

I used to think that I was searching effectively, I couldn't be anymore wrong. I used to use the simplest queries I could think of. For example:

  • Military Recruitment Numbers
  • Army ROTC
  • Military Benefits

These queries used to give me some results but not necessarily the results I was looking for. With these queries I would have to go through pages and pages on Google and Yahoo searches just to find the pages that I was looking for.

logo.gif y3.gif

After The Exercises…

I gained a better understanding of how to make my search more narrow…BY MAKING MY SEARCH MORE SPECIFIC!!! Instead of using the same boring query searches I'm going to start using phrases like:

  • Military 'Recruitment Numbers'+site:mil
  • intitle:'Army ROTC'

At least with these queries my search won't be as broad and drawn out as they usually are.

rotcCC_patch.gif armyStrongPreview.jpg

In Conclusion…

I NEED TO MAKE MY BLOG QUERIES MORE SPECIFIC!!! This will save me a lot of pain and time on the computer. This exercise really opened my eyes as to how I should form my queries and a few little tips and tricks on how to quickly get the information and/or page that I'm looking for.

Sincerely Yours,


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