How To

…Use The Search Tools…

With the search tools listed in the categories above you can search for anything dealing with this topic. I typically started off with the query Automotive Industry and got some very good results. Since this is a fairly recent problem, a lot of the sites that came up covered the topic. For a more in-depth analysis I used some more advanced queries and got some better results.
The sites listed above are the sites that I frequently referred to, though these are not the only sites used, they seemed to provide the best and most detailed and relevant results, therefore I viewed these sites in high enough regard to put them on my site, rather than wasting someone's time with a site that is not up to par.
The news seems to provide a lot of information, therefore a lot of the sites, as you will notice, contains sources from the news and/or automotive specific sources, such as The Detroit Free Press. Basically, just go to the sites, enter a query (preferably one from the list provided) and begin searching.

For those sites with specific tabs, such as news or business, I usually looked under tabs saying either of the following:

  • News
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Industry
  • Automotive

…Use The Email Alerts…

With CNN and Google, they seemed to provide the best email alerts. I set both to receive updates as frequently as they came and used an Automotive Industry related query. For CNN's email alerts, you have to sign up, Google's you don't. They both will fill your mailbox up due to the massive amounts of information regarding the issue, so a tip used was to create folders specifically for these alerts; One for Google, One for CNN.

…Use The Page Monitors…

Though the use of page monitors, such as Track Engine or WatchThatPage, probably would have been useful, it wasn't deemed necessary to use. This is due to the RSS feeds, Email Alerts, and constant viewing of the different sites, I was basically a monitor myself (I didn't want to over do it, plus I can "monitor" as many sites as I want for FREE!!!) Also, for fun, I did apply a monitor to this page, just to see how many people actually comes to it and uses it. TRY IT OUT!!!

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