Questions often asked in regards to this site:

  1. What made you interested in this topic?
    • I've been exposed to the Auto Industry all of my life (My dad worked for Chrysler for about 40 years and we now work for the UAW) and also I live in Detroit. The combination of the two have allowed me to see the Auto Industry from the inside and out. I have grown to love and become a part of it, but due to the recent crisis it has been on the steady decline and I wanted to find out what caused the downfall of my beloved industry.
  2. How do I use this site?
    • IT'S SIMPLE!!! The tabs located above are there to help you navigate through various sites that I have found helpful. Also they link to information or anything else relevant that I may have gathered already.
  3. What information can I find on your site?
    • Information, sites, leads, and a forum dedicated to the research of the Automotive Industry.
  4. Do you have a background in the Auto Industry?
    • Yes, I've worked for the UAW for a couple of years now, plus I have various family members, either in or have been in the Industry.
  5. If I'm having problems how can I contact you?
    • I can be contacted by email:
      • ude.hcimu|wolfch#ude.hcimu|wolfch
      • moc.oohay|728zetroC#moc.oohay|728zetroC
      • moc.liamg|728zetroC#moc.liamg|728zetroC
      • lim.ymra.su|srewolf.c.odnanreh#lim.ymra.su|srewolf.c.odnanreh
    • Or I can be contacted on Facebook or Myspace. I'm also on AIM under MaloneJonson.
  6. What is your opinion of the Automotive Industry?
    • I think that the industry was once properous, but due to a few bad decisions I has taken a turn for the worse. It still has a lot of potential and can make a rebound if the one or some of the following things occur:
      • Consumer confidence in the industry increases.
      • The government helps bail it out in some shape or form.
      • Outsourcing of jobs decrease, thereby boosting the economy and providing jobs.
      • Innovation in decreased gas consumption in cars occurs.
      • And worse case scenario, a big war occurs (History has shown that during major wars the Automotive Industry was mostly converted to war production plants, which boosts jobs and typically have government backing due to their contribution to the war efforts.)
  7. Why did you write these blogs?
    • I wrote these blogs in order to give you insight on my opinion of the various lessons I learned in BIT 330 and how to use some of the sources.
  8. What do you talk about in the blogs?
    • Lessons learned, my opinions on the topics, how to use some of the sources and sites, and whatever else may have came to mind.
  9. Is it easy to find information on the Auto Industry?
    • Since the crisis is fairly recent, it has been fairly easy to find information not only on the crisis, but the industry as well, especially since it's a top priority for many cities, politicians, and it happens to be one of the major industries not only in the United States, but the world as well.
  10. What are the Top Menu links for?
    • They are there to help navigate you through the sources that I have provided.
  11. Is there a way for others to discuss or share their views about the topic?
    • Actually, YES THERE IS!!! I have created a forum just for that specific purpose. All of the topics I have allocated within the forum have something to do with the industry. Feel free to talk about the topic.
  12. Are there any websites that you visit more than others? Why?
    • The Detroit News, The Detroit Free Press, and The UAW's website because of their connection to the Auto industry (Detroit is the home of the Auto Industry and the UAW is the main union associated with the industry), these sites provide consistent, more in-depth news, reports, and opinions regarding this topic.
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