Blog: Web Directories Exercise

It's Not Cheating…

Especially when people took the time out of their day to make these glossaries, pages of links, and directories. This means that they want to share the knowledge that they acquired throughout the years, which is not a problem. There's nothing wrong with sharing what you know.


Thanks To The Efforts Of Others…

I will be able to find things a lot easier. For example there's a place I can look up Army Acronyms. This will make it a lot easier for me to understand those officers and other NCOs (look it up, lol) when they talk.


The Day's Exercises…

Gave me a chance to understand and realize the full potential of the internet. I never realized how many resources there are outside of Google and yahoo search engines. This provides another venue to research. I even discovered that some of the directories can lead me directly to a book or paper source, just like a library.

As For Groups And Mailing Lists…

These provide me a venue to talk about and discuss my favorite topics. I'm a part of a few groups dealing with my fraternity:

These groups allow me to keep up with the latest events, trade secrets, and ideas with my fraternity brothers across the world.


In Conclusion…

PEOPLE MADE THESE DIRECTORIES FOR A REASON!!! I'm going to start using these more frequently, especially now that I know what's available to me. Also, I'm going to join some more groups on yahoo so I can talk more people's ears off and find out some more information (even though the email that goes along with the groups tend to be annoying, lol).



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