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My Past Video Search Knowledge…

Was limited to YouTube and Google video search. Sure, they provided the necessary entertainment filled videos I needed, but they were often limited by the videos that people uploaded themselves. I knew that someone would be smart enough to improve this concept and make it so someone, such as myself, can search more than just "Homemade" videos and uploads. I was exposed to TWO new search tools, along with my all time favorite YouTube:

  1. Truveo
  2. Blinkx


I very popular…In fact, it is probably the most popular site in the U.S. in regards to video searches. People often make their own pages, or channels, and upload their home videos…Like Me! LOL. There are also promoted videos, featured videos, and you can also see what videos are being viewed now.


You can favorite videos and even subscribe to someone's channel to get the latest updates on that person's uploads. My personal favorite option is the Playlist option which allows me to make a playlist of my favorite songs without having to pay for or download them to my computer. So far I have a playlist for R&B songs.

Also you can monitor your page and see who commented on your videos, how many video responses you have, and how many people subscribed to your channel. Coupled with this is the ability to monitor your activity when it comes to how many subcriptions you have, favorites you have, and channels you viewed. Another thing to note is that it is sponsored by Google and IT'S FREE!!!


Here's a new one…I've never heard of this before, but I decided to give it a shot. It is sponsored by AOL, so anyone with an AOL account or AIM name can access it. This site contains nothing, but sponsored links, meaning News stations,


television stations, and authorized media means upload to this site. I would recommend this site if you needed to do official research and had to site the video.
There is no uploading as with YouTube, so all of the referenced videos are credible and from the original source. It also contains an RSS feed. You can slim down your search in regards to category, time viewed, or by channel. And once again…IT'S FREE!!!



Another new one that I decided to explore. This one performs about the same as Truveo only that it seems to concentrate on television shows. I mean it has A LOT of shows. I even found a lot of Family Guy episodes. I LOVE THAT SHOW!!! Anyways, as with Truveo, it's videos come from other sites. It has a portion for video games as well. So for all you gamers, this would be the perfect site to see a game in action before you purchase it. Finally there is no need to sign up and Most importantly IT'S $FREE.99!!! (I Love Free Stuff, LOL).

In Regards To My Project…

Since this is more official research, I will probably be more likely to use Truveo and Blinkx on the grounds that the Automobile Industry research would be concentrated on official news sources. Youtube is good and all, but then I'd have to worry about privacy and copyright limitations. Also, I would have to worry about the credibility of the people uploading the videos to the site. With my research, I want it as concise, accurate, and credible as possible. Plus, they have more perdinate information regarding the Automobile Industry anyways.


In Short…

YouTube is fun and good for uploading those funny and embarrrassing videos that you want people to see, but if you're trying to do research or want more serious videos, then use Truveo and Blinkx.

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