Blog: RSS Lab Exercise Write-Up

RSS Feeds…

Provide a good way to keep constantly updated on news or site updates. With these feeds you are able to check out what new occurrences happened with that particular topic. You can commonly find RSS Feeds in blog sites, news sites, or any other site that may receive constant updates.


I Can Use This…

Especially with my term project. I will more than likely need to view old and recent news sources and this would be a good way to consolidate the news articles and make them easily accessible. For example, if I start looking up things on Bloglines I could have the RSS Feed appear as below on my wiki:

This allows me to easily see what new and important information has become available regarding my search, just by logging on to My Page

The Day's Exercises…

Showed me that I don't have to go to the actual site to get my RSS Feeds, but in fact, I can view them from a different site. By doing this I can kill two birds with one stone (haven't heard that one in a while, lol). It also showed me that you can subscribe to some feeds. Meaning that you can receive updates regarding your search from the likes of bloglines, Detroit Free Press, or just about any other RSS Feed site.

bloglines-feeds.gif detroitFreePress.gif

What I Recommend…

Is that if you're interested in a topic and can find a site with a RSS Feed to it…Subscribe to it…Share it…And Import it to another site. This will make your life, as well as others who view your site and may be interested in that same topic, lives a lot simplier by providing a one stop shop for their and your information needs.

In Conclusion…

SAVE TIME…USE RSS FEEDS!!! Instead of trying to search a site and see whats new with the topic, subsribe to the feed and have the site work for you. It will save you a lot of time doing various searches on the same subject. I'm going to subscribe to a lot more feeds in regards to my industry because I am not trying to waste a lot of time searching when the search can be done for me and keep me updated.

Affectionately (LOL),


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