Blog: Tag-Based Sites Exercise

I Have A Couple Of Issues:

Someone Broke My Tooth…

While I was at Penn State for their homecoming. THIS SUCKS!!! That's what I get for leaving the state!!! And it would be a front tooth!

I Need Some More Information…

On Dentists and for my industry research. This tooth needs to get fixed ASAP and I keep forgetting what good sites I've came across.

There Has To Be A Better Way…

To tag these sites so I can get back to them. I've came across a couple that would help me find a dentist and more information about the automobile industry, but then I'd do something to get rid of the page and it would be lost.

The Solution…


What Are They?

They are sites that allow you to bookmark pages for future observance and tag them based on your description of them. This allows you to organize what pages are associated with what topic and there's no confusion because YOU'RE THE ONE SETTING THE TAGS.

My Experience With These Types Of Sites…

Are limited because this is only my second encounter with these types of sites. The only tag-based site that I'm familiar with is Delicious. From reviewing the lesson, apparently there are more options to choose from than that.

Let's Compare…

Two Social Booking Sites:


This is the one that I'm familiar with. With this one your bookmarks can be organized by the date they were tagged, the amount of people who tagged it, and the types of tags. This makes it a lot easier to determine what sites are popular and relevant to your topic. You can also see what sites people within your network tagged, if you want to be nosy and see what they like. There is also an option where you can subscribe to a tag. This option will be helpful for my project because it will allow me to see what sites other people associate with my topic.



This site seems a little more complicated than delicious. You can tag, just like with delicious, but with a couple more options. Options to include: groups, ratings, comments, clippings, and keywords. Most of these options, in my opinion, are unnecessary, but that's probably because I like things to be simple. One cool thing to note is that Furl has an RSS Feed, meaning that if new related topics come up, it will show up on the page rather than you having to search the web for it.


Both Of Them…

Allow you to put buttons on your browser so you don't have to constantly refer back to the sites. You can join groups in both, which allows you to network and see what other sites people have found regarding your topic.

In Conclusion…

Tag-Based Sites Save Time!!! By tagging sites with Delicious and Furl, you don't have to keep going to google, or any other search site looking for that "perfect" site that you once found. In my case, I'm going to continue to look for dentists in the Detroit area to fix my tooth and continue to find some good sites regarding the automobile industry, such as this site I tagged dealing with Auto News. An entire site about automotive news…Who Would've Known???

Angry About My Tooth,


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