Blog: Image Search Exercise

Presentation Is Everything…

Which is why I need to step my game up and add some more substance to this project. I mean, don't get me wrong, the information that I'm finding is fine and everything, but it's still a little dull. No one really pays attention to a boring presentation.


Images Add Substance…

By providing images of the products in question. It also provides some "eye candy." Especially with my project, cars are just cool to look at. I mean who doesn't want to see a Maybach?


But That's Besides The Point…

I need images. So let's compare two of them…

Google News


This image search is cool because it has the image on one side and its corresponding news article on the side. This allows me to either choose to view the entire article or just the picture I want. You can sort it by revelevance to your topic (which, by the way, is dependant upon who's searching, what the query is, and a variety of other factors) and the date. In the preferences you can adjust the amount of items you view per page or the language. You can also get as specific as you would like just by clicking advance search. For example, with my query Automobile Industry, I've encountered images ranging from emblems to top executives.


Yahoo! News

This image search site is a little more closed minded than Google News. A lot of the articles come from the Yahoo! search. For example, when I use the same query ALL of the images came from Yahoo!. Now I don't know about anybody else, but I like a little diversity in my searches, not ones that are limited to one site. By using this site my project would be limited to sources only on Yahoo! and my topic is way bigger than that. There's a bright side though….Just like with Google News, you can adjust your preferences, perform an advance search, they even have sponsored searches.

In Short…

I prefer Google over Yahoo!… just off the principle that I am researching a big topic and just using Yahoo! won't quite cut it. I Need Diversity!


Shameless Plug…

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And You Should Too…,


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