Blog: Custom Search Exercise

I Voted…

Did You??? No Really, Answer That! This was a historical election and I was a part of it. It was a vote between the first African American president and the first female vice president. Even though I had to go to Detroit to vote, it was worth it. I even voted with my family! I was so proud.

The Results…

OBAMA WON!!! By a landslide!!! He had over DOUBLE the electoral college votes. Look at the results:


Obama Wins!!!

I'm Happy That My Candidate Won! This will show that America is up for change and open to new ideas.

That's Not The Point Of This Blog…

The point is to talk about this new item that we encountered in class called Google Custom Search Engine. Which, essentially, is a tailored search engine which allows an individual to specify which sector of the web, specific websites, or specific anything, in order to narrow and condense a search.

What Does This Mean…

This means that, for example in my situation where I'm researching things regarding the Auto Industry, I can choose specific sites that I want Google to check out.


Let's Test This Out….

Let's Start Out…

By creating a search engine for my topic: Automobile Industry. Here are the steps I took:

  1. Went To The Site.
  2. Clicked "Create A Custom Search Engine."
  3. Logged In Using My Gmail Account.
  4. Filled In The Categories:
    • Basic Information.
    • What Do You Want To Search.
    • Select Some Sites.
    • Select An Edition.
    • Clicked The Terms Of Service Box.
  5. Clicked Next.
  6. Went To The Try It Out Page And Tried The Following Queries:
    • Automobile Industry
    • Mergers
    • Economy
  7. Clicked Finish

Here's My Search Site:

Automobile Industry Search


  • Can Be As Specific As You'd Like.
  • Can Limit The Sites Used.
  • Can Switch Back To A Regular Web Search.
  • Can Still Use The Same Search Query Codes.


  • Can Potentially Be Closed Minded (Depends On The Person's Site Selection).

This Is Helpful To My Project…

Because it allows me to choose which specific sites that I want to search. Instead of searching the entire web, I can choose a few automobile specific sites, blogs, news feeds, or just my favorite sites, and search those rather than every site that Google offers. This will help to concentrate my search and make it easier for others to search my topic as well.

In Conclusion…

GOOGLE CUSTOM SEARCH ENGINE IS A GREAT SITE TO USE TO NARROW YOUR SEARCH!!! I'm definitely going to update my Custom Google Search and make the best search site possible for my topic.



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